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There's a lot of delicious, innovative and imaginative chocolate out there nowadays, created by dazzlingly talented chocolatiers, many of whom sell their wares online. I'll be reviewing all the chocolate that comes my way, whether purchased myself or given to me as gifts, and trying to sort out the spectacular from the merely delicious!

Lick The Spoon: Milk Filigree Egg

Ah, delayed gratification! When my wife gave me this Easter egg, along with a number of other Lick The Spoon goodies I’ve already reviewed, my first urge was to tuck in immediately. But it looked so good nestling in its elegant packaging, that I made myself save the best until last.

Incidentally, the broken base visible in the photograph was not due to rough handling on my part, but rather that of Royal Mail, who played pass the parcel (not to mention “parcel, what parcel?”) for about a week before my wife finally received the delights she’d ordered for me. Lick The Spoon were very apologetic, though it wasn’t their fault! - and sent an extra bag of their gorgeous sea salt pralines, gratis. Lovely people!

The egg, weighing in at a generously thick 200g, is made from Lick The Spoon’s richly creamy 39% Ecuadorian Arriba milk chocolate, and is beautifully decorated with a filigree design of chocolate swirls. Inside the base, rather than inside the egg, are 100g of their Sea Salt Pralines. These are chunky cubes of a smooth, melting praline, covered in more of that wonderful milk chocolate. Taking their cue from the current vogue for sea salt caramels, the praline is sparsely dotted with small salt crystals. I was a bit dubious about this initially, but the occasional little salty explosions work terrifically well, really accentuating the hazelnutty flavours of the praline. It’s easy to see why these were awarded Gold in the 2010 Taste Of The West awards.

A beautifully presented, delicious and satisfying egg from one of my favourite chocolatiers - a perfect Easter present. Roll on next Easter!

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