The Chocolate Gourmand

There's a lot of delicious, innovative and imaginative chocolate out there nowadays, created by dazzlingly talented chocolatiers, many of whom sell their wares online. I'll be reviewing all the chocolate that comes my way, whether purchased myself or given to me as gifts, and trying to sort out the spectacular from the merely delicious!

Lick The Spoon: Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

The second of my Easter treats from my lovely wife, this is Lick The Spoon's take on the cinder toffee theme, and it's absolutely delicious. This is partly down to the use of golden syrup in making the honeycomb, but mainly due to the quality of the Ecuadorian 39% milk chocolate which thickly coats each shard, ensuring a full chocolate flavour.

The shards are just the right size, ranging from small enough to eat in one piece, to two-bite sized, and only about half an inch thick, so no jaw-breaking exercises required, as is often the case with some thicker brands of cinder toffee.

The honeycomb itself is crunchy and light, just as it should be. A real treat, and also available covered in single-origin 73.5% Venezuelan chocolate.

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