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There's a lot of delicious, innovative and imaginative chocolate out there nowadays, created by dazzlingly talented chocolatiers, many of whom sell their wares online. I'll be reviewing all the chocolate that comes my way, whether purchased myself or given to me as gifts, and trying to sort out the spectacular from the merely delicious!

Aztec Gold from Lick The Spoon

Aztec Gold

My wife certainly knows how to spread a little Easter happiness! This was one of three Easter treats she obtained from the wonderful Lick The Spoon in Corsham.

These little beauties, Aztec Gold, are generously-sized domes of excellent 70% Saint Domingue chocolate, containing a lime and chilli ganache.

Each dome is coated with a swirling sheen of red cocoa butter and edible gold - they shine like jewels and it almost seems a shame to eat them - but eat them we must, *sigh*…

Inside is a beautifully rich ganache made with fresh lime juice and a hint of chilli. They’re perfectly fine for non-fire-eaters, since the chilli is really very subtle - just enough to provide a slight tickle if you eat several in succession, which it’s very tempting to do!

It’s a few years since I last sampled Lick The Spoon’s wares, and it’s good to see they’re still on top form. I really can’t recommend these highly enough!

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